Today, facial recognition is in use everywhere. It will help you avoid financial losses, protect your customers, get to know your audience better, and offer them new products and solutions. Here are just a few examples of how facial recognition helps businesses.
Enface solutions for businesses
Analytics, personnel management and security
Crypto exchanges
Verification, authorization and liveness check
Banking sector
Advanced financial security with facial recognition
Online cinemas
New features that will surprise your customers
Advertising analytics, user account protection and reliable delivery of orders
Simple verification, protection from bots and new opportunities for the development of dating services
Dating apps
Beauty services
Face recognition is an indispensable technology for creating and running beauty applications
Employee time tracking systems
Biometric registration of arrival and departure by photo. Saving up to 30% of your payroll fund.
Remote identification of students, control of the presence of students in front of the monitor during remote lectures and exams, quick registration of students with verification of documents
Checking the quality of content and the safety of players
Security and video surveillance
Protecting houses, searching for missing people and criminals, black and white guest lists