Search for missing people and criminals for a specific state, black and white guest lists for companies, home protection from strangers for individuals - our neural network will ensure the safety of everyone.
Face recognition for security and video surveillance
Business opportunity with Enface
Smart House
Enhance your smart home solution and improve the safety of your customers. With Enface, users can upload photos of family members to your system and receive notifications if someone else enters an apartment or house.
Smart cities and searches for missing people
Face recognition from Enface will help you find missing people or wanted criminals on recordings and live broadcasts from cameras installed in the city.
Black and white guest list
Offer your customers a modern solution for the convenience and security of their home or office. In the "white" list, you can upload photos of guests, family members, or employees of the company, and in the "black" - those who would not like to see them. Thanks to this, the security will immediately identify the guests without asking them for documents.
Security and video surveillance: Use Cases
What makes Enface the best choice?
of faces are recognized by Enface (according to the NIST testing we are in the top 100* in terms of accuracy)
*subject to FAR =10^-6
30x30 pixels
we recognize even low quality faces in photo and video formats
5 minutes
for API and SDK integration
we provide for free at the start with subscription fee - 0 $
7,000 image searches
10+ features
we analyze more features than our competitors (age, ethnicity, mood, etc.)
193 countries
we recognize photos and text on passports and driver's licenses all around the world
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