Enface will help your service increase competitiveness and stand out from other applications. Implement new features, speed up customer verification, and protect your app from bots, scammers, and underage users.
Face recognition for dating services
Business opportunity with Enface
Rapid confirmation of a person's identity and liveliness
Speed ​​up the user verification process, and protect your app from bots with a live check. Your customers will be sure that the beauty they like is a real person!
Search for similar people
Increase the number of paid subscriptions and increase user loyalty with the "Find someone who looks like a celebrity or ex-partner" feature.
Age determination
Enface will help you comply with any age restrictions on your application. We will also help determine a person in front of the camera in only a couple of seconds and protect underage users from inappropriate content.
Fraud protection
Create a blacklist with the faces of unwanted users - for example, scammers who have already had complaints lodged against them by customers of your application. Cheaters will no longer be able to register with your service - even with a different name and documents. "Tinder Swindler" won't work!
Dating apps: Use Cases
What makes Enface the best choice?
of faces are recognized by Enface (according to the NIST testing we are in the top 100* in terms of accuracy)
*subject to FAR =10^-6
30x30 pixels
we recognize even low quality faces in photo and video formats
5 minutes
for API and SDK integration
we provide for free at the start with subscription fee - 0 $
7,000 image searches
10+ features
we analyze more features than our competitors (age, ethnicity, mood, etc.)
193 countries
we recognize photos and text on passports and driver's licenses all around the world
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